Holding Down Bolts Suppliers Across the UK

Boltbox supplies a range of Holding Down Bolts in all sizes and finishes. Used extensively in the Civil Engineering and Steel Frame industries. We can supply using mild steel, high tensile, galvanised and with all the suitable sized cones for completing installation. 

Boltbox have been supplying holding down bolts for over 10 years to customers across the UK. All your bolts can be custom made to the unique requirement for your project. Something our commercial customers demand and we are happy to do. We have our own manufacturing premises and can cater and deliver to anywhere in the UK.

We can supply virtually any type of fixing, including: bespoke sizes, stainless, plated and galvanised.
We have various standard holding down bolts stocked in our warehouse, which you can order and have delivered fast.

We carry tools and more when out on delivery, just in case you need help. 

Next day delivery within the UK can be arranged in certain circumstances.

FOR A QUOTE, TO ORDER OR FOR ADVICE, call 07929142325 or email sales@boltbox.co.uk

BOLTBOX offer services ACROSS THE UK. Wales, Scotland, Ireland, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Hull, Lancashire, Burnley, Blackburn, Rossendale, Todmorden, Preston and all other locations in the UK. Call for details or email sales@boltbox.co.uk