what are holding down bolts used for

What Are Holding Down Bolts Used For?

Boltbox offer holding down bolts that provide a safe and secure fit. We deliver these bolts to customers throughout Lancashire, Yorkshire, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and all areas of the UK

We have years of experience in the steel bolts industry and we know what is required of holding down bolts, as we have worked on 100’s of projects over the years and crested custom made holding down bolts to secure various frameworks, concrete, timbers, machinery bases.

We at Boltbox offer reliable and sturdy fit holding down bolts that fit better. Our bolts are distributed throughout London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Preston, Wales and all UK areas.

Holding down bolts are steel bolts usually fixed in a building structure with its threaded portion projecting. Holding down bolts are used on the foundation of structures. They are attached with a wooden piece placed on top of the foundation. The bolts help in stabilising a structure.

Holding Down Bolts are generally used for bolting structural steelwork columns to concrete bases. The holding bolt has a square neck which engages in the square hole of the plate washer to prevent it turning when tightening the nut. The waxed cardboard bolt cone allows movement of the bolt for aligning with the holes in the baseplate. The void left by the cone is finally filled with grout.

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